Month: January 2019

Skin Care

3 Clear Steps To Treating Teenage Acne

The development of acne during the teen years can cause self esteem to suffer. At a time when the gift of youth should be shining at its brightest, those suffering from problematic, acne prone skin can feel unattractive on account of their skin condition. However, with medical advancements made in …
Skin Care

Proactiv Solution Doesnt Leave Dry Red Cracked Skin

The most potent external acne fighting medication that is available today is benzoil peroxide and the stuff really rocks acne causing bacteria’s world. In fact it kills acne causing bacteria on contact,because it is a powerful chemical. It has some pretty bad side effects that acne sufferers have been tolerating …
Weight Loss

Weight Loss Requires a Mental Change in Attitude

Weight loss is a challenge that has that has the attention of the media and Americans young and old these days. Whether it’s trimming off just a few pounds or committing to getting healthy after years of neglect; weight loss is not easy. What is often required is a total …