Month: April 2019


Use of Yoga Clock And Yoga Products For Conducting Yoga Meditation

Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit term that has been derived from holy books that are around hundreds of years old! It signifies association of body, soul and brain! Meditation and yoga are closely related terms. Their relevance is recognized by men and women even in the recent times. It has …
Anti Aging

HGH and Its Role in Aging

Ever wondered why our body begins to slow down as we age? Actually, many of us would think slowing down is synonymous with aging or maybe even aging means slowing down! In fact, these thoughts are incorrect. Our body ages because certain functions of our body begin to decline or …

Vitamin B6 — Pyridoxine

It’s also required to form the hemoglobin in our red blood cells. And to make the antibodies that our immune system cells use to destroy invading infectious microorganisms. It’s used in the snythesis of RNA and DNA, so without it our bodies would die as cells grew old and died …