Breast Augmentation Consultation: What Questions Should You Ask?

Although you may think breast augmentation is a fairly routine surgery, you’ll still want to research many potential plastic surgeons and consult with a few before choosing one. Surgeons vary in skill, favored techniques, experience, and aesthetic opinions. Here are some questions to ask during your consultations to help you choose the best doctor for your breast augmentation.

How many breast augmentations do you perform a year?

You may be surprised how much this answer can vary between plastic surgeons. Remember that those who specialize in breast augmentation will most likely have a higher number of patients annually than those who regularly perform multiple procedures.

And more doesn’t necessarily mean better. A doctor who performs a very high number of operations may be pushing his limits and scheduling too many back to back surgeries. Fatigue is not a prized quality in a surgeon.

Are you board-certified?

This is possibly the most important question you can ask a potential cosmetic surgeon. Any doctor you are considering using for your procedure should be board-certified to ensure he is a trained, qualified professional.

There are a few surgeons operating under false pretenses without proper qualification or credentials to be performing procedures. If you are leaving the country to undergo breast augmentation, laws governing plastic surgery practices will vary. Use caution and always demand to see proof of necessary credentials. It isn’t worth taking any risks.

What will happen during surgery?

Most plastic surgeons should explain without prompting the steps taken during the surgery, but if you need more details or he seems rushed, don’t be afraid to ask for specifics. Not only is it helpful for you to know the information, but some may have different approaches or opinions on how the surgery will be performed. Gathering as much information as possible will help you compare each one’s methods after your consultations.

What care is provided in case of emergencies or complications?

You don’t want to find out that your doctor has taken off to Bali two days after you’ve undergone breast augmentation and have some questionable bleeding. Although he may not always be available, there should be some way to contact him in the case of an emergency.

Although if it is a serious problem, you’ll want to visit the nearest hospital immediately, there may be other small issues that arise where you’ll need assistance from him or the office. Make sure to choose a plastic surgeon that is fairly accessible.

May I see the before and after photos and talk with previous patients?

A plastic surgeon’s portfolio is proof of his skills. Take your time reviewing the photos. The portfolio should show you a wide variety of patients with different body types and breast implant sizes. Remember, just like an artist compiles a portfolio, the pictures will be of the surgeon’s best work. So, if you aren’t impressed, move on.

However, if you consistently agree with the surgeon’s aesthetic choices, it may be a good match. Speaking with previous clients can help you further judge not only the surgeon’s skills, but can help prepare you for the experience.

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