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Sleeplessness – Can Yoga Assist?

Insomnia in itself is not a disease. Transient insomnia lasts for a few days and is mainly caused by changes in sleep habits. I like to heal any health challenge I encounter in a normal way without drug, so I researched and experimented with ways to heal my insomnia naturally. …

Yoga: Three Reasons You Should Not Do Sitting Forward Bend

Sitting Forward Bend ? (Paschimottanasana) ?Never force yourself into a forward bend when sitting on the floor? Yogasana, the third limb of Raja Yoga also popularly understood by mass population as yoga is getting popular as never before in both eastern and western countries. The reason for Yogasana (popularly know …

Grow Taller Naturally Using Yoga

Yoga is defined as a combination of both mental and physical disciplines that originated in India. Yoga has several major branches of discipline and it is important to note that not all � not even most � types of yoga will help you grow taller. Yoga can increase height by …