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Clear Acne – Are You Ready For The 4 Tips To Treat Blemishes

The blemishes that go along with an acne flare up can be treated. The general types of treatment include specific creams and lotions for spot treatment of the lesions. Oral medications are often prescription drugs that affect the hormonal levels of the acne victim, but other types of treatment are now in widespread use. As the name suggest, topical treatments are those put directly on the blemishes, generally to dry up the pimples or to treat the dryness and rough skin. Other victims may choose to clear acne by use of herbal remedies. No matter which products you use, it is important to treat the blemishes actively.

Blemish cream

Another way to clear acne is to focus just on eliminating the blemishes that are so unattractive. It is the blemishes that cause the psychological scars on the self esteem of the person suffering from acne. Blemish creams often focus on one of two areas. The treatment may be a topical cream that dries up the pustules that are unattractive. This drying action will typically take place both on the surface of the skin or beneath the surface. Blemish cream can also focus on providing antibiotic forces against the bacteria so that they are never forced deeper into the tissues.

Oral Medication

Treatment of acne blemishes is much different than it was even a few years ago. Previously, the outbreaks of acne were presumed to be due to the sufferer’s lack of good personal hygiene. In order to clear acne, the stressed skin was subjected to further scrubbing, sometimes with harsh and painful results to the skin surface. Today, you can find oral medication that is effective in lessoning the symptoms of acne, without a mention of unclean habits. The antibiotic remedies are often taken orally as well as the topical types that are spread gently over abused skin.

Topical Treatments

Topical treatments have been the most common way to clear acne in the past. Since it was believed that acne was caused by outside environment rather than from internal forces, topical treatments were chosen to clean and disinfect the skin rather than to treat such recognized factors as hormone levels, sebaceous gland production and others. Topical treatments today usually include a component to treat surface infection. They may also help to treat drying and cracking of the challenged skin. This must be done without adding oil to the skin, which can clog the pores and make the symptoms worse.

Herbal treatments

Herbal treatments are a popular choice to clear acne today. Because they don’t contain any drugs or chemicals, they are less likely to be harmful to the already challenged skin that can occur when there are acne breakouts. Herbal treatments will gently cleanse the sensitive skin without leaving drying residue on the skin surface. The treatments will soften and moisten without the clogging effect of heavy oils and other residue. Fighting the effects of bacteria and germs can create infection in the area of the lesions and blemishes.

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