Collagen Cream, Does It Really Merely Sit On Your Skin’s Surface?

Being the consumer, it is understandable if you keep on finding the latest facial creams hoping that it will be the right one for you. But if you are using collagen cream now, that is pretty much a waste. Yes, a waste of money and time massaging the cream on your skin. Do some deeper searching for that especially about the science of skin care. You might be surprised just as how much you are being duped.

Most people then are just as interested as you to maintain youthful skin. Like you, they also wanted that their wrinkles be reduced and they have heard also that collagen can be the solution to their skin problems. But I tell you, just like any materials too. It can be subject to wear and tear process. It breaks down in time so it is not the nice way to go.

For decades already, the cream comes to be more expensive. The unfortunate thing is that collagen molecules are large enough that it cannot penetrate its way to the dermis. Thus, when one applies the collagen to the skin it merely covers the face wrinkles in temporary time. It may help moisturize the skin yet also remains locked outside and does not frankly affect the skin structure.

There are various types of collagen creams. The main ingredient is the keratin which is the combination of protein peptide and some are mineral oil, water, cetearyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, centella asiastica extract and many more to mention only the few. One type of it is the anti wrinkle cream. This type is said that it prevents the wrinkle development. Although this does not actually ensure and was not yet proven that it prevents the development of wrinkles. Yes, what is does is only lessening their appearance.

Another popular collagen cream that people find effective is anti aging cream. They are supposed to take away the wrinkle and lines, does it? Also its purpose is to make the skin radiate. However I have to repeat this time again, this type of cream was not proven to prevent the signs of aging.

When the skin ages, the skin balance between production cells and collagen are breaking down that leads to wrinkles. It is possible that it will improve the fine lines appearance but it required comprehensive approach. It is complex processes to produce collagens not like the mere assemble of automobile.

There are still various alternatives than creams. Such includes collagen injections which can be done in the office of the physician if you are approved of the process. There are also additions for some skin care products that are more popular in bio available keratin name. It is rather claimed that such increase the skin collagen.

True. Most collagen cream simply sits on your skin surface. The ingredients used are deposited directly to go to the process of penetration but the longer it takes, the more dense the fibers will be. Before you decide to purchase let alone use the product, you should always measure its potency.

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