Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

If you have or are considering getting your teeth whitened through cosmetic applications, then there are a few different things you should thing about when you are thinking of going to a dentists and asking them for this procedure.

Teeth whitening removes any staining or discolouring from your teeth so that they can become white and glowing when you show your smile off to others – this is through a process of bleaching your teeth so that they become whiter.

Most cosmetic dentists have a range of services, but many people choose the ones where the dentist actually performs a procedure on your teeth at their surgery and he will generally use a higher percentage of peroxide (between 10-30%) on your teeth to improve the colour and overall look that your smile provides.

Should your teeth be very discoloured, then the dental surgeon will use a higher percentage of peroxide during treatment, but along with this higher percentage comes a risk that could result in damage to your surrounding gums and lips, as peroxide is harmful in high doses to human skin. This is also a reason why the teeth whitening companies advise you to wear gum guards to lock in the gel and also to help protect the rest of your mouth from this harmful liquid.

It isn’t all bad though, when you get a professional to actually complete this procedure, many people have noticed increased results and better than when they have used home teeth whitening gel kits and when they have looked at other kits to help them make their smile the best around.

However, you should be aware that even when using a professional dentist surgeon to whiten your teeth that there is a difference in results that everyone sees. Some people notice that the colour of their teeth have whitened dramatically whilst others will see that their teeth have whitened a little, but much less than they expected. If you want a whiter smile, then cosmetic dental surgery could be for you, but you should be aware that you should prepare yourself for a number of outcomes across the board. Whilst most people believe it is money well spend and notice a huge difference in their new white bright smile, you don’t want to be disappointed.

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