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Decreased Libido In Women – 4 Cause Of Loss Of Libido

Decreased libido in women is not uncommon these days. As a matter of fact young women as well as older women suffer from loss of libido. But, the question is, what causes this problem? In this article you will find some of the common cause.

1. The Pill

Birth control pills can have an effect on your body. If you have been taking these pills for years, they can have a serious effect on your body. These pills are supposed to stop you from having babies, but a what risk. If they are causing you to feel less and less interested in sex, than you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant because you won’t feel like having sex anyway. Check with your doctor to see if there is something that can be done about this problem.

2. Having and nursing babies

The one thing that makes a woman happy is having her first child. They are such a bundle of joy, you could not be happier. But, having a baby can cause you to lose your desire to have sex. Women hormones can be effected from breastfeeding their child. This one of the joys of giving birth, but it does effect your body.

3. Being stressed out

On top of having a baby, you have to deal with your job, keeping the house clean and dealing with your husband. The pressures of everyday life can leave you stressed. You need to take some time out for yourself, get a way for all the hassle of life and relax.

4. Low self esteem

What you think about yourself is very important. You are already stressed, just had a baby, now you don’t feel beautiful any more. You have to build yourself up, do not let anyone tell you are not sexy. It is not how you look on the outside, it is how you feel on the inside.

There are some other things that goes on in women lives that can cause them to lose interest in sex, some are more serious than other. But you can over come them with the help of your doctor and a female sexual libido enhancer. If you decide to try a libido product make sure you do some research first.

Decreased libido in women can be controlled with the right product. It’s a simple as doing some research to find out which one is right for you. In order to find out you have to purchase at least two different products to see which on e works the best.

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