Discover An Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer

What if I told you that over time, the body’s cells loose their ability to complete all of the normal biochemical changes? The sebaceous glands, for example, work less efficiently. If you suffered through the teen years, because you had oily skin, you could eventually need an anti-aging moisturizer.

Exposure to chemicals in the environment can accelerate the degree to which time takes a toll on the human body. The endothelial cells get a daily dose of the chemicals in the environment. Those same cells also feel the pull of gravity. As gravity pulls on the skin cells, they can benefit from the regenerating powers of an anti wrinkle face moisturizer.

Scientists have found that sleep approximates the conditions in a weightless environment. Should you use that as an excuse for more time in bed? Could such a leisurely life style help you to avoid needing an anti wrinkle face moisturizer?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. During sleep, the skin often becomes pulled in various directions. But what can you do besides always sleeping on your back? Any amount of pulling on the endothelial cells can be as detrimental as gravity. It can cause those cells to need an anti-aging moisturizer.

Anyone who wants to slow the ravages of time must consider using some type of skin care product. You should plan to study the ingredient list for the many available skin care aids. You need to find a product that can reverse the damages caused by gravity, the environment and other external factors.

If you’re skin savvy, you would probably look for a product that contained some type of anti-oxidant. When treated with a substance that contains anti-oxidant, endothelial cells can better withstand exposure to the chemicals in the environment. The anti-oxidant slows formation of “free radicals” in the exposed endothelial cells.

You would no doubt understand that the skin has a number of layers. In order for any substance to fully protect the outermost organ of the human body, that substance needs to penetrate down below the outer layer of skin cells.

And there is a third fact of nature that should not escape notice of someone that is looking for an anti-aging moisturizer. That fact has to do with the slowed production of collagen and elastin in aging endothelial cells. Why is the fact important, and how should it guide you in the search of an anti-wrinkle face moisturizer?

When skin cells produce an adequate amount of collagen and elastin, it does not wrinkle. Collagen, a fiber-like protein, gives to endothelial cells a quality called “tensile strength; it makes them feel firm to the touch. When endothelial cells lack sufficient collagen, then they sag and wrinkle.

So, if aging endothelial cells were to provided with the capacity to stimulate the production of collagen, would that insure the removal of wrinkles from the skin? No, it would not. In order to “bounce back” to its original position on the body, any region of skin must have the ability to make the protein called elastin.

When a skin care product stimulates production of both collagen and elastin, then that product counters the effects of aging. If you use such a product, you can then enjoy looking in the mirror. There in the reflection, you’ll see a well-toned and youthful look. Now that you are armed with this it to the test!

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