Enjoy The Sun and It’s Power

So many of my students have always asked me “Why do we need to do a lot of Downward facing dog pose and a lot of Sun Salutation at the beginning of yoga class? ” So this is a great chance for me to share with you here in my first writing.

Let’s see where we are? We are here in this planet “The world”, which is created with the balancing of the Sun and the Moon. Every life in this world is the motivation and the creation of the Sun and Moon and the other little things. The way of pushing and pulling to each other is created by the balancing of everything and every life in this world. The world will look different if we have no Sun or if we have more than one Moon. So our life and every life in this world happened in the right time when everything in balance becomes life.

The Sun gives us the biggest energy since the sun is sending the heat or the fire elements to build up life energy. The four elements of life from the nature is all pure energy; Fire, Water, Earth and Gas are the creations of life. Our body lives by energy and we have many kinds of energy in our body. In this article, I would like to talk about the fire or the heat as it makes most sense with this topic “Sun Salutation”. We need to have the heat energy inside our body to keep it warm so that every organ can work as well. When we lose the heat, we become sick and when we have too much heat, we also become sick. So life is “The Way of Heat Balancing” or balances the Sun’s energy.

We salute to the sun like we respect the nature. In yoga asana, we practice moving our body and get into the connection of our body energy to the sun, and from the sun to our body as we do the inhalation as we lift the arms up in the “Urdhva Hastasana”. From there, we get energy from the sun then we ship the energy down toward the mother earth in “Chaturanga Dandasana”. Then, we ship our body up in Upward Facing Dog then to Downward Facing Dog. “Adho Mukha Svasana” is an example. We move our body to many different ways, forward then backward, upward and downward. All actions create more energy in our body as we pull and push and as we breathe in and out, from moving up and down and as we bend then stand up. The movement and stillness of breathing and body actions create the vibration in our body. It creates the energy; it motivates the vibration which benefits our cells. That’s how you get the Power of life or we call “Life force”.

That is about how our body works in the same time when we move the body in yoga practice. Most of the power that you get is from the mind. It’s the Mind’s Power, when the mind concentrates, the power to connecting with the Universe or the Present or with the Now. The most powerful energy will be building up to your body. Even if you are not really moving your body you will get the power of concentration when you can connect with the present. You will get the sensation to connect to the Universe. That’s how you got a lot of powers.

When your Body connects with the Mind and the Mind connects with the Universe then you get big and powerful energy that moves toward your body and that’s why Yoga Asana Practice is different than the other body exercises. It’s the kind of the Moving Mediation as when you breath and you concentrate with the mind , you create your energy so will never lose your energy but in the opposite you will get more and more energy or Life force into your own body and your life.

From what my teacher “Larry Schulzt” and the Yoga Tradition said, we will salute to the Sun two times per day, when the sun rises and when the sun sets. When the time that the sun has less energy and it has effect to the body, when it starts to feel that the temperature in your body is cooling down then it’s a good idea to do the Sun Salutation. It is the time when you and your body still need the energy to build up the heat for more power to keep it alive.

I will share more about how we physically do the Sun Salutation next time. For now, I hope you understand about why we do the Sun Salutation for and why we Salute to the Sun. Then when you are going to practice yoga in class or by your own, you will understand what to do and you get to improve for yoga practice 🙂

Lets have fun and Keep practicing.

With love to you and to the Sun.


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