Hatha Yoga – Theory, Style & Major Categories

Hatha yoga in modern gyms are popular among the practitioners to gain several health and fitness benefits based on certain practices. According to studies, the kind of activity is based on spiritual lifestyle and is practiced as specific healing method. Easily, people from different age groups and with different fitness goals can opt for the practice to stay physically fit and mentally fine.

Hatha yoga is all about following a set of postures as well as breath control to enhance the concentration and physical power. There are much more things to know about the activity. Through this article, we will come to know about the theory, styles and categories of the said fitness activity in detail. Please go through this article to know about these aspects in detail.


In terms of theory, the activity is defined as the fitness discipline which is meant to rise and awaken the divine power. The divine power or ‘kundalini sakti’ lies at the lower part of the spine. And the awakening is done by combining the heating energy of sun with the cooling energy of moon. According to experts, the theory is worth to follow at the right age. Following the practices prematurely could be dangerous for practitioners. Here, it becomes important to acquire assistance of professional yoga trainers in gyms who have complete knowledge about the same.


The activity is known for a range of styles. Moreover, the styles are broadly divided as traditional and modern styles which are very old and 100 years old respectively. Major styles known include Sivananda yoga, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Integral, Iyengar and Power yoga. Being based on unique techniques, all these styles are of high importance and are beneficial.

Major categories

Understanding the fitness needs of individuals through yoga, modern gyms offer training for different kinds including hot yoga in Langley etc. The styles, techniques, classification and benefit of hot yoga are different from the hatha yoga in some ways.

To know the benefits, first of all, it is required to understand the major categories of the activity. The hatha yoga is divided into major categories like Shrishti Krama, Siksana Krama, Rakshana Krama, Adhyatmika Krama, Chikitsa Krama and Shakti Krama. These categories are known for their diverse fitness objectives i.e. to improve flexibility, power, perfection in all asanas, balance on physical and mental levels and much more.

Based on above discussions, it can be said that the yoga with different theories, styles and categories are completely beneficial for practitioners who want to gain benefits in terms of physical, mental and spiritual levels.

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