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Homemade Acne Treatments ? 5 Tips From Experts

What type of homemade acne treatments work for your skin?

Experts all over the world specializing in skin and related disorders are of the opinion that acne treatments should have their base in correct food habits and proper hygiene. In recent times many over-the-counter drugs have been found that could tackle the problem of acne. But in some cases these are seen to be not very effective prompting people to take the help of homemade remedies. Cures discovered in your home’s comfort are not only cheap but effective too.

Tips 1

If you have a good diet, sleep properly and exercise regularly be assured that half your battle is won. Apart from this keeping your skin clean is absolutely essential and you could do this with the help of cotton dipped in alcohol. This is beneficial in killing the bacteria and also for cleansing the pores thoroughly. But make sure not to overuse alcohol or repeat this process often as this can lead to skin irritation or the skin can also start peeling.

Tips 2

According to experts an overtly oily skin should be treated with an oatmeal mask to get good results. Oatmeal when mashed not only acts as a great scrub but also effectively soaks away the excess oil from your face. The usage of oatmeal paste must be followed by a cold water rinse that helps in contracting the pores.

Tips 3

Other homemade acne treatments involve the usage of honey with apples where grated apple is mixed with honey and this paste needs to be made to dry on the face for a stretch of 15- 20 minutes after which warm water should be used to wash it off. This procedure can be followed twice or thrice a week depending upon the skin type of the person in question.

Tips 4

Besides using fruits, experts are of the opinion, that herbs can also help you attain a pimple-free complexion. Herbs like burdock, sarsaparilla and yellow dock can act overnight on your pimples and bring them to a more manageable state. Tea tree oil is most preferred when it comes to handling a sudden outbreak. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil cures the affected spots in very little time.

Tips 5

Apart from having a great diet and applying magical concoctions it is important for you to have a daily intake of vitamins. Tests carried out by experts have proved that an intake of five thousand international units of vitamin A each day can actually decrease pimples. Vitamin B6 makes the skin more tenacious and consequently reduces the chances of a pimple outbreak. Zinc, in mild doses, if taken before an outbreak, can prevent acne from happening.

The next time you think you’re getting an outbreak make sure to follow the simple homemade acne treatments mentioned above and see for yourself the changes that consequently take place.

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