How Can I Eat Healthily When I Am On The Go?

Maintaining healthy eating while you are on the go can sometimes be difficult. Most people these days are in a rush, and are unsure how to incorporate nutrition rich healthy meals into this lifestyle.

My solution will have you, the kids, and baby eating healthy all the time:

1. Keep a trunk-fridge!

I keep a small cooler in my trunk. I fill it with healthy snacks for my entire day, including vegetables and fresh fruit, nuts, and health drinks. When I get home, I take out anything that remains, and put the ice packs in the freezer for tomorrow.

2. Buy healthy snacks from a supermarket.

It’s easy to get in the habit of grabbing a quick burger, or skipping lunch as an alternative to eating junk. These are recipes for health disaster! A better way is to go into a supermarket where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables, visit the salad bar, and probably a caf? of some sort selling healthy meal varieties.

Get in the habit of not even considering the fast food joints when you are in a rush at lunch, you?ll soon discover a good range of places in your area that serve healthy meals that won’t take up too much time.

3. Be the bearer of healthy food.

Take something with you when you go to a party or barbecue.

If there’s nothing else healthy at the event, which will often be the case, then you won’t have to go hungry, plus you?ll encourage better habits in others. By using fancy presentation and bright colours in a salad, you might even win a few fans!

4. Do some quick research prior to trips.

Before you travel, have a look online for where the closest whole/health food stores are. Sometimes there won’t be any, in which case look for a major supermarket, as they?ll have a range of products broad enough to ensure that you eat well.

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