How to Look Your Absolute Best For an Occasion When You Have a Week to Prepare

While we always want to look our best, it’s unfortunately impractical to be constantly getting pampered and having new haircuts which means we can only average out at a ‘very good’ level. Sometimes though we really do need to look as good as we can, whether it’s for a wedding or for some other kind of occasion. Here we will look at how to look your very best for an event when you have some time to prepare.

Go to a Spa

Going to a spa can help you to look your best in a number of ways. Not only will going to a spa help you to feel relaxed and at ease (which people will be able to tell), but it will also help you to directly improve your skin and give you a healthy looking glow that you can only really get from having a proper facial and some time in a sauna. At the same time, some spas will also offer other beauty treatments such as pedicures and facials and these can further help to give you a complete look. And for women going to a spa will also force you to shave and wax – even if people don’t see this you’ll feel sexier and that will come across.


For women the way you do your makeup will make a huge difference to how you look and feel. If you want to look your best then consider going to a makeup class where they can teach you the best colours to work with your skin tone – you might even be able to get your makeup done for free if you buy a few products from an apartment store. Otherwise, just go shopping and buy some products you really like and that are a higher standard than you might normally use.


If you have a week that’s enough time to cut out a little water weight and to lose a pound or two to look even healthier. Don’t starve yourself, but try to eat healthily and avoid excess calories and people might be able to notice a subtle difference in your face. Of course if you have a month or two then you can go further with this and really look much better as a result. Toning your body can also make a big difference.


Getting a haircut shortly before the big occasion is one of the most important ways to make sure that you look as presentable as possible. Again you might want to try something different here – so ask your hair dresser if they have any advice. Don’t cut too much off when experimenting though as it leaves you with no way to go back if you don’t like it.


For your clothes you have the option of going for your best outfit that you keep for such occasions, or of choosing something completely new. Either way, spend the week ahead trying out different outfits and shopping around for inspiration.

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