Is It Actually Cheaper To Perform Hair Removal Procedures At Home Instead Of At A Professional Salon

It’s a toss up. Depending on your wallet, your vanity and or your hair issues really depends on the lengths you are willing to go to for hair removal . For some people, plucking their eye brows at home with just tweezers is their preferred method over any fancy spa procedure. For others, lavish pampering is the most important part of the whole experience of their hair removal service- and wouldn’t want to experience hair removal any other way, no matter the cost.

Well, if you are like most people, you are probably looking for the most bang for your buck in this economy. If this is truly your case, you may want to look at do-it-yourself hair beauty tools.

Doing it Yourself at Home

? Home waxing treatments- $10-15

? Classic and standard tweezers approx $5 for tweezers

? Hair removal lotion $5-30

? TRIA- a new do-it-yourself hair removal system (light-based therapeutic beauty systems) $995

When you look at the options for do-it-yourself remedies, the tweezers do look like a pretty attractive offer compared to hundreds of dollars worth of visits to a laser hair removal center. Approximately $300-500 a pop, these visits do provide long lasting hair free results that have made clients very happy. Tweezers every couple months verses laser light therapy every 6 months until the hair is completely gone- perhaps laser light therapy is cheaper in the long run after all.

More About Skin Laser Options

? High-Power lasers — Diode laser technology is the gold standard for physicians and continues to be the preferred method for in-office hair removal. Its precision technology and single-band light enable it to target just the dark pigment in hair. This makes it easier to use, less painful and more effective at delivering permanent hair reduction. Clinical studies show that the laser energy not only removes the hair but prevents it from growing back. After six monthly treatments, consumers can expect virtually hair-free results.

? Low-Power Flashlamps — Less expensive, broad-spectrum light devices do well at removing hair short-term, and are a great option for consumers who only want temporary hair reduction. These devices are typically used once or twice a month to maintain a hair-free appearance. Clinical studies show that the hair typically grows back when the monthly treatments are stopped.

? Heat-Based Razors — Using technology created for the consumer market, these hand-held tools are effectively thermal razors, burning the hair away from the surface of the skin. They often require more regular use.

The options are pretty clear for both price and results. Depending on how much time and money you want to spend on hair removal procedures really depends on what you are willing to buy including both service wise and products. One thing is certain- staying hair-free no matter which method you choose is still a top priority no matter the economy.

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