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Making The Most Of Facial Moisturizers

Let’s face it. When you were younger you could slap on any old facial cream and your skin would look and feel pretty good. However, as you age, it becomes more important to be choosy about what kind of facial moisturizers you select. The dryness you’re experiencing now is much different from the dryness you experienced when you were younger. Making the most of facial moisturizers means using products that are specifically designed to treat the cause of this dryness.

You see, as we age our bodies become less efficient at producing proteins that keep your skin soft, smooth and firm. You’ve probably heard of collagen and elastins. You may be surprised to know that these substances don’t come in a jar of facial cream, but are produced courtesy of your skin cells. After the age of thirty or so, the production of these proteins begins to slow down. This is precisely the time you begin to notice that your face is dryer and is developing fine lines.

Now it becomes important to find the right type of facial moisturizers. What I mean by “right type” is that the product you select should contain ingredients that go to work at the cellular level to stimulate your own natural production of collagen and elastins.

This is why its so important to be aware of the fact that a facial cream that says it contains collagen is taking your money under false pretenses. Your skin isn’t able to absorb the large molecules that make up this collagen. In order for collagen to produce the moisturizing and firming effects your looking for it has to be produced in your skin cells.

Making the most of facial moisturizers also means using products that use nature-based oils and emollients. What am I talking about? Well, commonly, a facial cream will rely on mineral oil as the main moisturizing agent. While your skin may feel soft, you need to know that mineral oil clogs your pores and smothers the natural function of your skin cells. This can lead to flare-ups and inflammation. Its important that your skin be allowed to breathe and excrete toxins that build up in the it was designed to do.

If you want a truly healthy, luxurious softness, then using facial moisturizers that are based upon natural substances like macadamia nut and avocado oils is the way to go. I have also gotten some dramatic effects with a facial cream that contains a break-through ingredient called Cynergy TK.

I’m always skeptical about claims made by companies wanting you to buy their products, but the New Zealand company that pioneered Cynergy TK has conducted numerous clinical trials using human volunteers. They quote the following results: “Studies show a sustained 14% improvement in skin moisture retention over 18 days. They also show a sustained improvement in skin elasticity of 42% over 18 days.”

This told me that what I was personally experiencing was an increase in my collagen and elastin production. My skin is more moist, smooth and firm. The best part is knowing that my results were not superficial. I have really been making changes at a fundamental level.

I truly believe that making the most of facial moisturizers means approaching skin care as a health issue and not a cosmetic one. I’ve created a web site that discusses this in more detail. There you will also find more information about the New Zealand company that continues to make exciting break-throughs in facial cream and skin care treatments.

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