Mangosteen Juice And Its Dietary Benefits

This article discusses Mangosteen Juice and its nutritional benefits. As our awareness of increased and better health continues to grow and we become a lot more conscious of all that we eat and feed our bodies, it becomes very necessary to eat and drink only the best things that will really nurture our bodies and not kill it. These days, it is common to have some fruit alongside our daily meals. Even better, some people take fruit juice during the course of the day. Fruit juice like Mangosteen juice, apple juice, and orange juice is very common these days, but of all three, none claims the amount of antioxidants, xanthones and phytonutrients that Mangosteen juice has.

Although a bit pricey, it is reputed to have the highest amount of xanthones found in a single fruit. Some schools of thought have even proposed that its xanthones quantity is almost 10 times that of the average fruit. While this might be just a means to sell more quantities of the product, it is noteworthy to see that this single fruit juice has between 20 and 40 xanthones in it alone -whereas most fruits can only boast of between 10-20. It also contains a lot of phytonutrients.

If a particular brand of manogsteen juice costs less than another, then be on your guard because it probably doesn’t provide the same nutritional value. Because of the sales efforts put into it and the amounts of nutrients obtainable in it, mangosteen juice has in fact become one of the most touted and well known nutritional supplements in the market. Keep reading to find out more about the incredible mangosteen juice.

Mangosteen juice is commonly referred to as the “miracle” fruit juice is unique . With all of its qualities and nutrients, it is only common that it is receiving a lot of publicity. If you are considering drinking Mangosteen juice – but are not sure of the benefits – then you can read some of them below:

1. It is antibacterial in nature. The xanthone content in this specific juice makes it a memorable natural antibacterial juice available. This is why the Mangosteen fruit is regularly used as a poultice to cover up open wounds in countries like Thailand and Malaysia. It is even more productve now that many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibacterial drugs.

2. While it could not actually kill off all fungi responsible for fungal infections, tests showed that it was able to decrease the growth rate of some fungi.

3. It works as a antioxidant, which is common with most fruit juices. However, the mangosteen is more powerful because of the high amount of xanthones contained in it. Antioxidants naturally fight free radicals, which are very easily found in the body as a consequence of both natural cell breakdown and extra cellular activities. Smoking -both passive and active- are also recognized to increase the presence of free radicals existing in the body.

4. Since Mangosteen juice has phytonutrients, it makes it a likely candidate for effectively combating cancer. This is based on the premise that phytoceuticals such as tannis and catechins, which are very powerful carcinogenic cell combatants, are lavishly present in the product.

Now these are not all the benefits of taking this wonderful fruit juice, but it should give you an idea of what great potential it has.

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