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Mediterranean Diet Menu: A Fresh Twist On Dieting

If you may find yourself keen to experiment the Mediterranean diet plan, then you may be informed of the Mediterranean diet menu. The mediterranean diet menu is really the only basis to the diet plan. Mainly, the Mediterranean diet menu consists only of food that is usually eaten in the Mediterranean area, such as in Greece and the southern regions of Italy.

A Mediterranean diet is characterised by a lot of different foods, including breads, fish, cereals, vegetables, fruits and a lot of olive oil. These foods are usually eaten in this areas, so they are an example of contemporary Mediterranean diet plan market. So, there is not only one exemplary diet plan: it is just a type of food that can take part in a diet and add a meaning to that diet plan.

One diverse feature of this diet plan is that its recipes are relatively high in fat. This can be a deterrent because many people jump to the conclusion that all fat is inherently bad. However, fat is actually an essential part of a balanced diet and is vitally important to everyday functioning. If you look at the standard food pyramid you will quickly realize that a certain amount of fat is included.

The key to why this diet is healthy is that it is inherently significantly higher in fat that is good for our bodies, such as monounsaturated fat. In addition to this it is very low in fats that are bad for us, such as saturated fat. The saturated fats are typically going to be from animal fat which is indeed bad for the body to consume regularly or even in large amounts. The monounsaturated fats are normally from plants instead and thus are good for us to consume.

Emphasizing olive oil strongly in cooking will also make a significant difference. Since olive oil is low in bad fat and high in good fat it is a good source for fat intake, in addition to this olives also contain a high amount of antioxidants and are good for combating cholesterol. This combination makes this an extremely heart healthy diet in every way.

Including red wine in this diet makes it even healthier, since red wine contains massive quantities of antioxidants. Most European diets, in fact, include red wine as a staple. The typical Mediterranean diet is no exception. Therefore, red wine is also included in the Mediterranean diet plan.

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