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Natural Acne Scar Removal: Hottest Trends

Scars from acne are unwanted as they are a hindrance to beauty. Many expensive treatments for scar removal exist, ranging from laser treatment to chemical peels. Natural treatments are becoming more popular, and they are especially good if your scars are light to medium.

There are many natural home remedies known to people, but here you will learn about the latest trends in acne scar removal. Some may surprise you, for example, the second to last one. Go ahead and educate yourself about the sometimes nutty ways to remove acne scars, naturally.

Natural Acne Scars Treatment

Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E

Both of these products can be easily purchased at a drug store. Vitamin E is a known skin healer, and cocoa butter makes it stay on your face as it is a sticky substance. In conjunction they make a great acne scar diminishing treatment.

Lavender and Almond

Lavender and almond oil is known to be good at inhibiting scarring. Just use two drops of lavender essential oil and almond oil. With medical gauze, apply this mixture to your scars nightly. It smells wonderful and an extra effect is lavender’s calming quality, which helps you fall asleep peacefully.

Dandelion Root

The misunderstood dandelion is great for scar removal. It is known to be an edible herb, rich with nutrients, but sadly most people just consider it a weed. Dandelion root is great for acne scar treatment because it reduces toxicity and improves skin condition. It is a great purifier for the bloodstream. You can find dandelion root extracts in tablet or pill form.


What is neem? Answer: A tree found in India. Known as a revered Ayurvedic herb, it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Neem can be used either in oil or powder form and is known to improve skin elasticity. You can also use neem powder to wash your face.

Tea Tree

This one comes from Australia. It is anti-septic and anti-fungal, and very effective at reducing acne scars. Mix two drops of tea tree oil with almond oil. Apply on affected skin/scars with medical gauze.

Urine Surprisingly some people actually preach putting urine on the acne scars. It may appear unconventional, but many societies maintain that urine has therapeutic properties that can aid the skin in scar healing. Urine has not been medically determined to aid in curing acne scars. Think of it as an at home chemical peel.

Natural Acne Treatment Cream

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