Natural Hair Loss Treatments– 4 Ways To Beat Hair Loss Without Chemicals

You can effectively and definitely get rid of your hair loss problems without the use of chemicals or complicated procedures. The only disadvantage is that it can take you a while to see the results for some of the methods. But they’re all safe and natural hair loss treatments.

Hair Massage: Yes, giving yourself a daily massage can be really beneficial for your hair. A scalp hair massage will stimulate the blood flow and improve circulation. This will nourish your follicles and help your hair grow healthier. You can use a few drops of vitamin E oil to better strengthen the scalp. This method has almost no side effects and the cost is really low ( it can also be no cost if you decide not to use the vitamin E ).

Essential oils: aromatherapy is another safe, efficient, and low-cost way to fight hair loss. The use of oils is one of the best of natural hair loss treatments. You need to prepare a mixture of various oils, then massage it into your hair. Some of the best oils to regrow hair are Jojoba, Rosemary, and Basil oil. Lavender and soybean extracts also help stimulate hair growth. It’s not recommended to mix them as you please, though. You should consult with an aromatherapist for the best mixture for your type of hair.

Healthy Diet: sometimes changing your diet is all you need to stop and even reverse the hair loss process.Ensure your diet is rich in zinc, saw palmetto and vitamin B6, and that you eat enough eggs. The nutrients will benefit your hair.

All-natural supplements: the ideal supplement to help your hair grow back must contain just the right amount of vitamin and minerals to stop your hair from falling. A good mix should include magnesium, Saw Palmetto, pumpkin extract, vitamin B7, silicon dioxide, vitamin B6, zinc, etc. The nourishing nutrients will stop your hair from falling and make it grow thicker. Provillus, for example, is a pill made of natural products which helps fight hair loss.

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