Night Cream: 7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Purchase Any Night Creams

If you’re like most people you want a night cream that will moisturize, soften, and help revitalize your skin while you are sleeping. Not all night creams are created equally, and unless you know what to look for in a good night you could be wasting your money and end up doing your skin more harm than good. Here are 7 questions you should ask before you purchase any night cream.

Question #1 ? Does the product you are considering contain any ingredients that could irritate your sensitive skin?

Answer – To do this you must read the label. Many people purchase a product without knowing exactly what is in it. This is a big mistake. Many companies use products that can irritate sensitive skin and make you condition worse.

Question #2 ? Can the product be used by all skin types?

Answer – If you can answer yes you are on the right track. This is made possible due to a lack of harmful chemicals such as mineral oils and other elements that could cause trouble with some types of skin or clog pores.

Question #3 ? Does your night cream you are considering use any fragrances?

Answer ? It should not. All fragrances in night creams are man-made chemicals. A lot of these chemicals can cause allergies and skin irritations. To use a ‘natural’ fragrance would call for greater amounts than the man made chemicals which would then necessitate additional preservatives to prevent it from becoming rancid.

Question #4 ? Can you use the product on skin that is broken or irritated?

Answer – If not this could indicate harmful chemicals that will make your condition worse. You want to use a product that is all natural that will help to promote the healing of irritated or broken skin and give you relief.

Questions #5 ? Does the product you are considering contain an SPF factor?

Answer – The answer you want to hear may surprise you; it should be no. The daily use of skincare products using SPF factors could be a serious threat to your health. There is evidence that suggests certain SPF factors may be carcinogenic. SPF factors are cheap and easy to add. They are used by big companies as a marketing ploy.

Question #6 – Do the night creams you are considering use all natural ingredients in the right concentrations?

Answer – Many night creams claim to use natural ingredients however, they use them in such small concentrations that they aren’t effective. You want to use products using active natural ingredients in concentration levels of at least 50%.

Question #7 ? Where is your product being manufactured?

Answer – Unfortunately you hope the answer it is not the USA. Most of the big producers of skin care products in the USA have not signed the Compact For Safe Cosmetics. This is an agreement which is an to not use substances that are shown or strongly suspected of stimulating cancer, mutation or birth defects in their products and to use plans that substitute hazardous materials with better options in every market they serve. Right now some of the best and safest night creams and skin care products are coming from companies in New Zealand who have signed the Compact For Safe Cosmetics.

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