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One Month After Tummy Tuck

Ask any tummy tuck patient about how they dealt with recovery. The first two weeks is the most difficult, because this is when you have to deal with pain and difficulty in moving. Tummy tuck patients can’t get back to their daily life until after three months. But if you see their tummy tuck before and after photos, you will understand what they have sacrificed for.

Once you have surpassed the first month of recovery, the next few weeks will just be a breeze. After a month, you will feel so much better. Pain would have subsided two weeks before, and the sutures would have healed significantly. Although you cannot yet get back to your active life completely, at least you can endure more physical activity this time.

Patience is essential in surgery patients. Any form of surgery involves some recovery period, during which activity is limited. Patients can slowly go back to their routine activities, making sure they don’t push themselves too hard.

In the fifth week following your surgery, you can engage in walking and moderate aerobics. You can get back to the treadmill and run the stationary bike, but make sure you don’t put strain on your abdominal muscles.

The binder may no longer be necessary, but you probably still have to wear steri-strips to keep dirt from getting into the incision.

In succeeding weeks, your ability to engage in physical activity increases. You can start jogging and continue aerobics if you used to do them before the surgery. Athletic individuals should not yet go back to their rigorous training. They still have to be careful about straining their abdominal region within three months of recovery.

For folks who are not sporty, walking is encouraged. In fact, they have to take short walks every hour at work or at home and even when traveling. If you are traveling in a car, pull over every hour and take short walks.

After three months, it may be safe to do crunches and sit-ups, but be cautious and proceed at a slow pace. Stay-home moms and office workers will notice that can move much more freely now.

You may be worried about the scars. Plastic surgeons usually make the incision along the bikini line, so the scar line should be hidden underneath your undergarment. If you are worried about the appearance of the scar, you can opt for another cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the scars.

Numbness is one of the things that linger after tummy tuck surgery. It may linger for several months and may take a year or two to completely go away.

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