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Ovarian Cysts Treatment – What Possible Cure Options There Are

Sacs that are filled with fluid and have formed on or within the ovary surface are called ovarian cysts. There are two ovaries inside the female human body; each is located on each side of the woman’s uterus. Both ovaries resemble the shape and the size of an almond. Eggs or ova are formed, developed and become matured inside the ovaries; and then released through menstruation during a woman’s years of childbearing.

A lot of woman may have ovarian cysts at certain times during their life; yet, they are not aware that they have the cysts because they experience almost no signs of discomfort. Most ovarian cysts simply just disappear on their own after several months, despite no treatments course, there are also ovarian cysts that can pose certain risks to a woman’s health. Such may block supply of blood to the ovaries, may continue to grow and develop into a cancerous growth. Ovarian cysts treatment usually varies depending on the actual condition of the patient. Some of the treatments administered for ovarian cysts are:

– Watchful waiting. As mentioned, most cysts are gone after a few months; thus, watchfully waiting and watching for symptoms is the practical treatment you can use. If you observe or experience other troubling symptoms like pain and severe bleeding, it is when you need to seek help from the doctor.

– Oral contraceptives. Birth control or oral contraceptive pills contain progesterone and estrogen that aim to control a woman’s monthly menstruation cycle. The woman may take her pills and skip the sugar pills (those for the last week of taking the pills and can trigger ovulation) will help prevent monthly period. Doing this should only be under the supervision of a doctor. Ovarian cysts, particularly the functional cysts, cannot form without menstruation; so taking pills may help in preventing growth of cysts. Women having family history of ovarian cysts are typically prescribed to take pills.

– Cystectomy. This is a surgical procedure that involves removal of concerned cystic structures. It is an effective procedure for non-cancerous ovarian cysts. The ovaries still remain intact after the procedure; thus, allowing the woman to still bear a child. Malignant types of ovarian growths cannot be treated using this procedure since all of the ovaries should be removed.

– Oophorectomy. Its other names are Orchiectomy and Ovariotomy. This surgical method entails removal of one or both ovaries. Compared to hysterectomy, this process is less invasive. Nevertheless, it is also irreversible; once ovaries are removed, the woman will not anymore be able to produce and to regulate estrogen inside her body. This procedure should be the last solution to be considered for ovarian cysts. Hormone replacement therapies are typically prescribed by doctors after the Oophorectomy has been performed.

– Hysterectomy. It is also another surgical procedure for removing the ovaries, especially the cancerous tabs.

– Natural treatments. There are also other herbal treatments for ovarian cysts like unicorn root and blue cohosh. You may also implement a vegetarian diet. Include carrots, beets, dark and green leafy vegetables to your meals. You will also benefit from taking anti-oxidant supplements such as Zinc, vitamins A, C and E, borage oil, evening primrose and black currant oil.

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