Painless Hair Removal – Nair Depilatories

We have two different problems with hair. On some parts of the body we want it and on some it is not welcome. In both cases we are looking for all possible ways to add or remove hair. We are doing this because there are some cultural expectations of where it should be present and where not. In general, removing excessive hair should be simpler that adding it where it does not grow naturally. But this is not the case. Hair removal is usually related to painful methods with short term effects. Those methods need to be regularly repeated in order to have smooth skin because most methods except electrolysis do not remove hair permanently.

It is amazing how much pain and money we are willing to sacrifice just to have hairless smooth skin. A typical painful method to remove hair is waxing. Of course, the pain associated with this method lasts only for few moments but one waxing will last only for week or two. After this period we will have to repeat the process. Some methods are pretty painless like shaving or laser hair removal. The cost of the later is maybe a limiting factor while shaving has some unwanted side effects and does not last long. Fortunately, there is one method which is almost painless and smooth skin lasts for one month or more. This method means using chemical depilatories to remove hair.

The chemicals in depilatories weaken or dissolve hair bonds so that the skin can easily be wiped off. Such depilatories are primarily used on arms and legs but there are also specialized products for sensitive skin. This methods is inexpensive, can be done at home and it is possible to remove also stronger hair. Unfortunately, effects are not permanent–after a week (sometimes even before) the hair starts to grow again and after few weeks you have to repeat the process. Another slight disadvantage is bad odor and skin irritation because of chemicals used. But in general this is a fast and painless hair removal method.

One of the leading depilatories is Nair. This is a hair removal product line. Some Nair products are also suitable for teens–this makes them very popular. Using Nair depilatories is easy and painless–this is probably the most important fact. The only side effect is light redness which depends on the skin type and skin sensitivity. Nair products are not only for women, there is also a product called Nair for Men which addresses the population which uses shaving as a primary method to remove hair.

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