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Psychosocial And Economic Impact Of Acne

Acne is one of the major recognized skin problems, mainly because it is so ubiquitous. Acne is typically a physiological occurrence of adolescent groups. The peak incidence of it is between 12 and 24 years of age (affecting nearly 85% of those individuals). Because acne occurs during formative years, the psychosocial and economic impact is undeniable (which explains why it is a billion dollar industry).

Affected people loose their self-confidence in making new relationships, particularly with the opposite sex. Acne often leads to self-consciousness and social isolation which may lead to depression. Appearance of inflammations over the face, back and chest affects one’s self esteem and body image.

Reports from various researches tell that, acne does not just affect a certain age group of people. It affects both adults and adolescents. It also affects children due to hormonal level fluctuations during and after their birth.

You can get rid of this acne, and there are increasing options due to advances in medical technology. Depending on your skin type and severity, there are many treatment options to pursue. Various antibiotic and anti-inflammatory creams are available which can be applied over the infected area. Dead cells and skin oil can be removed by means of effective skin peeling treatment. However, it is always better to consult a dermatologist before start taking the medicines or undergoing any treatment.

It is better to avoid, certain skin care products which are really harmful to skin. It is even wiser to stay clear of skin care schemes and ineffective products. A medicine or a skin care product which suit one’s body condition may not suit for others. There are also some sub-standard cosmetic products available in the market which leads to clogging of pores and finally result in more acne.

Apart from taking medicine, one should have proper diet system. It is better to avoid oily food items and dairy. Prevent the body from getting dehydrated. Cultivate the habit of taking more water and a fruit.

Above all, love yourself. It does not matter how much you are affected by acne. But, one must know the art of loving themselves. Build a confidence within yourself; meditate at-least 10minutes a day. Meditation calms the whole body and mind and completely re-leaves you from stress. Remember stress exacerbates acne as well.

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