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Space Age Helps Improves Sleep For Menopausal Women

Poor sleep is one of the most frustrating symptoms of the menopause.

Menopause tends to cause broken sleep, and the predominant complaint of even pre-menopausal women is that of insomnia. Some problems may be due to the temperature changes caused by vascular changes and hot flushes.

During hot flushes sufferers actually suffer a total arousal and a surge of adrenaline during the hot flash and so their bodies may sweat and temperatures soar. This is not only distressing and uncomfortable you but may also keep your partner awake resulting in frustration, fatigue and irritability.

There are a number of approaches women can use to improve their sleep, including regular exercise, establishing regular bed and wake times, dietary changes, and improving the sleep environment. The Better Sleep Council recommends that the bedroom be dark, cool, and quiet. Also, women should sleep on mattresses that provide superior comfort and the right support — a mattress that’s been in use for years may need to be replaced.

However new duvets to improve sleep for both women with the menopause and their partners have been showing great results.

Duvet fanatic, Gordon Lumsdaine, owner and founder of , gives a detailed summary of the duvet options available to combat those dreaded night sweats.

Whilst you can purchase regular products up to 15 togs, his company has established a broad range of products designed to meet the needs of those suffering from being too hot in bed through the night. Recent duvet designs focus on controlling what is around our body than trying to alter the natural changes going on within.

One important point before look at our area of expertise – the development of the mattress has in my opinion further exacerbated the situation . Memory foam mattresses offer terrific advantages in terms of support for the body however they simply do not allow heat to transfer away from beneath us when we are asleep. Equally, high quality modern mattresses are getting deeper and deeper and manufactured using terrific insulators ? high quality wool for example.

We can break down problem solving products in to several categories ?

Temperature Control Bedding.

Outlast fabric was developed further to new technology developed by NASA. Clothing, and in particular, high tech sports clothing, was developed which actively absorbed heat when the body warmed up and released it when the body cooled down again. Today, fitted sheets and pillowcases that use Outlast fabric help to optimise the body temperature.

The concept was however truly exploited for bedding by Dupont de Nemours who created a special membrane called ?Dacron Climarelle?. This membrane is sewn into high quality duvets, pillows and mattress protectors to interact throughout the night with the body and crucially help establish a more constant sleeping temperature.

Early tests at the University of Kiel showed a remarkable 82% of trialists reported improved quality of sleep. Climarelle has been a wonderful product for us and we are constantly looking for ways to exploit this technology further ? at the moment for example we are considering whether we should launch a Climarelle partner duvet which would allow one half of the duvet to have more filling for partners who may feel the chill too much at night. It is good to remember everyone can benefit from the Climarelle temperature stabilising effect, not just those burning up in the night!

Perspiration control bedding

Dupont introduced Dacron Coolmax to counter the effects of perspiration during the night by making us too hot and cold as it cools down). Again, Coolmax is perhaps better known for sportswear (the European Ryder Cup team selected to have their match day shirts made from Coolmax fabric for the recent match against the USA). Each fibre is specially manufactured to have a different structure which allows moisture to move more readily and then dissipate. There is a wonderful full range of products available in the Coolmax bedding i.e. duvets, duvet protector, mattress protector, pillows, pillow case, pillow covers.

General lightweight bedding

In spite of two cool summers there have been strong sales in our 2.5 tog European White Goose Down and 3.0 tog Dacron Comforel duvets. The casing on the down duvet is especially made with a larger number of small pockets which each receive a filling of only 5 grammes of down. The end result is a lovely even yet thin spread of filling.

Partner sensitive bedding.

We stumbled upon this really through customers asking if we could supply. The more I thought about it the more I realised what an important product this should be ? amongst our own customers needs are so varied so why should it be any different for a couple sharing a large duvet- In fact, in Germany and Scandinavia the idea of a shared duvet would be met with horror!

Eventually I asked one of suppliers what would be the chance of filling one side of a duvet with a certain amount of filling and the other something completely different. So for example, you could have a King size duvet made with 2.5 togs on the left hand side and 13.5 togs on the right! So we are now offering a wide range of duvets produced in this way. As always I can’t help myself thinking how we could improve it and the next step may be to not only vary the tog ratings in each side, but also the kind of if one wanted a synthetic filling and the other down, why not? And then we could perhaps fill it more at the bottom for those with warm bodies and cold how would that work for our extra long oversized duvets…I am a tortured soul at times…anyway back to the pillow lab for now, there’s no sleeping on this job.

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