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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Supplements – Which Should You Take?

Trying to lose weight is tough. It’s real tough. There’s months of eating right and working out to get back into shape. It seems like anything that might make the process just a little bit easier would be welcome. There are many things out there that could help, but what …

Things You Should Know About Stress

Stress is a part of our everyday life, no matter what, when and how we are doing. It affects every person in different way, depending on personality of the victim, the level of the stress, time of exposition to it or even reaction of the surroundings. Some of us are …

Yoga: Three Reasons You Should Not Do Sitting Forward Bend

Sitting Forward Bend ? (Paschimottanasana) ?Never force yourself into a forward bend when sitting on the floor? Yogasana, the third limb of Raja Yoga also popularly understood by mass population as yoga is getting popular as never before in both eastern and western countries. The reason for Yogasana (popularly know …