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Skin Care

Steps You Can Take Now To Get Clear Skin

1. Wash Your Face. Washing your face two times per day is one of the most important aspects to doing away with pimples. Cleansing your skin not only eliminates pollutants and dead skin cells, but it assists to regulate surplus oil on top of your skin. Be sure to use …
Skin Care

4 Steps To Remove Scars Forever

Have you always wanted to wear shorts or bikini but havent been able to do so due to scars on your legs? I used to have bad scars on my legs and thighs and dare not wear bikini or shorts because of this. I have been searching for the perfect …
Skin Care

3 Clear Steps To Treating Teenage Acne

The development of acne during the teen years can cause self esteem to suffer. At a time when the gift of youth should be shining at its brightest, those suffering from problematic, acne prone skin can feel unattractive on account of their skin condition. However, with medical advancements made in …