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The Botox Alternative

ESSENTIAL OILS:A BOTOX ALTERNATIVE Although Botox might be the solution for some people, if you are looking for a “Natural” way to combat aging, essential oils and the products made from them are an incredible botox alternative. They will not only make your skin look younger and healthier, but you assuredly won’t end up looking like you are made out of plastic. These powerful healing oils aren’t the only botox alternative out there, but they are the safest and one of the healthiest. WHY A BOTOX ALTERNATIVE:A QUICK OVERVIEW OF BOTOX To put it simply, every time you laugh, smile, frown, or for that matter do just about anything with your facial muscles, wrinkles are caused by the underlying contractions of these muscles.

After years of making these expressions the wear and tear on your face begins to be noticeable and the lines start to become permanent. That’s where Botox comes in. After being injected into the effected area, botox temporarily paralyzes these muscles so that you can’t make these expressions. That’s why people who have had these injections may begin to look like mannequins. You’ll still have enough movement to look semi human but not enough to cause the wrinkles. So in fact by taking these botox injections they make you look younger. Botox is not cheap and the average cost of just one Botox injection in the United States is about $350. This also depends on what area of your face is getting the injections.

The area near the eyes is more expensive, costing between $400 and $900 per injection. For large surface areas such as the forehead, injections can be between $600 and $1300 a pop. Essential Oils are not only a safer botox alternative, they are a much less expensive botox alternative. They in fact are much different than botox in every way. The right oils can be used for toning; spot treatment of acne, scars and blemishes; smoothing wrinkles and age marks, creating a healthy glow, and bringing skin back to life. *Please make sure you are using therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils. The therapeutic-grade oils can be put directly onto your skin, or diluted with a carrier oil for easier application. 4 OF THE MOST POPULAR ESSENTIAL OILS TO RESTORE SKIN’S HEALTH AND BEAUTY SANDALWOOD-Botox Alternative #1 Sandalwood has a mild fragrance and is extremely moisturizing. One of the ancient healing oils used for the skin in Biblical times, it is helpful for removing wrinkles and scars and renewing tired skin. LAVENDER-Botox Alternative #2 Lavender is often called the “universal oil”. It is good for everything and harmful to none. (Unless you’re using hybrid lavender or an artificial substitute.) *Real Lavender is very difficult to find and labels can be misleading. Lavender is good for the skin, soothing and calming, and extraordinarily healing for burns and blemishes, but can be drying. MYRRH-Botox Alternative #3 Both Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils are wonderful for the skin. Myrrh was well-known in the ancient world as a balm and was used to treat almost everything.

This thick, resinous oil is often considered invaluable for treating rashes and blemishes caused by warts, eczema, and bacteria. (But be careful of your source – inferior quality myrrh, processed from the resin, can contain solvents and chemicals that make it unsafe to use directly on the skin.) TEA TREE OR MELALEUCA-Botox Alternative #4 Melaleuca is another one of the essential oils that has many usages. When it comes to the skin, it is useful for cleaning and soothing blotchy skin or acne. It also helps heal blemishes and relieves congestion in the skin. BOTOX ALTERNATIVE #5 In the last few years several high quality products, which include essential oils as part of their ingredients, have been developed by reputable and forward thinking companies. These breakthrough products are even more exciting as a botox alternative.

Our experience with DoTERRA and Young Living have given us huge confidence in these companies and their products. Both have skin care lines and DoTERRA has a full anti-aging skin care regimen… By integrating Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils with cutting-edge technologies, Essential Skin Care products offer revolutionary anti-aging benefits. They can reduce the visible signs of aging in the immediate future, and for years to come. Here is what the skin care regimen can do if implemented daily: – Stimulates collagen production – Smooths skin texture – Reduces appearance of wrinkles – Minimizes mechanical creasing – Minimizes pore appearance – Evens tone, reduces discoloration – Protects against further damage – Improves skin hydration and nutrition THE BOTOX ALTERNATIVE PUT TO THE TEST These oils (and the skin care products made from them) are not just a current cultural “trend”. There have been hundreds of case studies and testimonials that are well documented and show the reality and power of the oils. There really is a natural botox alternative that works. And not only a botox alternative, but a sure fire way to stop and even fade wrinkles and blemishes without any side effects. To learn more about this botox alternative and other Essential Oils, go to our information site at

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