The Principle of Male Reasonably Intake Nutrients

In daily life, the vast majority of men in nutritional aspect often only pay attention to reducing fat, cholesterol, and increasing protein, but they ignore the reasonable intake of other nutrients. Modern scientific research found that male nutrition should note the following.

First, the focus is zinc. As the trace element, zinc is the active ingredient of the systemic enzymes, which facilitate the adjustment of the immune system, is a very important factor for proper growth. But men tend to ignore the zinc. According to the survey, men reaching zinc targets are less than 1/3. Zinc can be obtained from seafood, lean meat, whole grains and legumes.

Second, to iron can be relaxed. The men of iron deficiency amounting to less than 1%; most men do not have to worry about the iron content of food; male cannot afford to iron overload; male iron supplementation may mask the signal of bleeding and iron deficiency.

Third, men should correctly treat protein. Many men want to make a muscular and eat more protein food. In fact, most men do not need extra protein supplement. Moderate amount of meat, poultry, fish or legumes, plus low-fat dairy products would be useful to men.

Fourth, men should be improved the intake of antioxidants. Antioxidants, especially vitamin E can prevent free radical from damaging the vessel wall, thus preventing the cholesterol blockage, so it may help fight heart disease and stroke. Coarse grains, nuts and vegetable oils almost all contain vitamin E. In order to get the number of daily ration, you should add. In addition, eating fruits and vegetables can also get the benefits of other antioxidants.

Fifth, you can supply vitamin B6 and folic acid. Both B vitamins which are difficult to get can help break homocysteine down. This too many amino acids may be the risk factors of heart disease. Vitamin B6 is commonly found in chicken, fish, whole grains and legumes; folic acid is abundant in green leafy vegetables, orange juice, legumes, and strengthening cereals.

Many men like to eat meat food, but for vegetables, they have the slightest interest. Over time, the nutrition of the male body is not balanced, but also leads to a range of diseases. So, men, you should eat more vegetables so that make your bodies nutritional balance.

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