The Value Of A Balanced Alkaline-acidic Diet

As early as 1931, Nobel Prize Winner – Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the fact that cancer cells are unable to breathe in oxygen, therefore making it impossible to survive surrounded with high oxygen levels.

It has been stated that cancer tissues are acidic.

Blood delivers oxygen to the tissues of the body, however, if there is too much acid in the environment then there is insufficient oxygen. In order to have sufficient oxygen to carry blood to the tissues, there must be sufficient alkaline in the environment.

Consuming alkaline rich foods or drinking water with alkaline may help to have an alkaline rich environment. There are water filters that one may purchase which can produce alkaline water. There are also books that will tell the exact foods and the correct amounts that should be consumed on a daily basis in order to have a balanced alkaline body.

It is very beneficial to have the body well balanced with the correct amounts of alkaline and the correct amounts of acid. Most people today are likely to have too much acid, especially in the US. If you get too much acid in the environment there is a great possibility of of a serious deteriorating disease occurring, such as pulling calcium from the bones in order to neutralize the acid.

The body system may be altered if the cellular level is too acidic.


Calcium deposits from the bones into the arteries will cause the arteries to get stiff , restricting the flow of oxygen and nutrients which causes the blood pressure to rise which may result in a heart attack.


Cells producing digestive enzymes without nutrients will not be absorbed, resulting in under nourishment. Undigested food ferments, leaving toxins within the body.


Calcium begins to be pulled from the muscles, which causes the muscles to cramp and then out from the bones which could result in osteoporosis or collapsing of the vertebrae, causing severe back pain and perhaps degenerative arthritis.


Brain cells may get out of proper function and the chemicals needed to communicate to the rest of the brain cells and through the nerves and the spinal cord may not be produced, causing different effects.


Colon cells may not properly function, causing various symptoms such as constipation,diarrhea, hemorrhoids and bacteria which causes disease.

Other systems can also be affected. The immune system where the cells don’t produce the correct antibodies. The respiratory system where the oxygen coming from the lungs doesn’t properly get to the tissues by way of the blood. The urinary system may not properly dispose of wastes, which can result in painful kidney stones. The glandular system which produces hormones may be affected, which could lead to increase in weight.

These are some of the serious side effects of an unbalanced alkaline and acidic diet. It is highly recommended to do everything possible in order to have a healthy body which can prevent cancer as well as other life threatening diseases.

** Be nice to your body and your body will be nice to you! **

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