To Treat Discoloration Laser Tooth Bleaching Is The Best Procedure.

Discoloration of teeth is a common problem. There are techniques available which help you to restore the normal teeth color. The choice of technique depends on your requirement and has its pros and cons. Consult a dentist before going for any of them. The dentist would recommend the right procedure for you. There are plenty of options for teeth color restoration for example laser bleaching. Customers do get confused but they should choose a technique primarily for its relevance and cost effectiveness. People should take good care of their teeth and try to avoid stains that get deposited due to the consumption of nicotine, tea and coffee etc. One of the best techniques available is the laser tooth bleaching program which bleaches the teeth and restores its original coloration.

People should avoid excessive usage of products like chocolate, tea, curry, blackcurrant and spicy gravy. In case they do so, they should make it a point to floss their teeth properly twice a day so that the discoloration process slows down. In spite of taking good care at home, patients complain that their teeth have been discolored. Normally, there are 6-8 shades which are identifiable with the tainted color of their teeth.

An in-office laser bleaching system comprises of a laser and a whitening gel. The bleaching gel which is translucent in color is applied on the teeth. Then a laser beam is used to energize the crystals to absorb the radiation and penetrate the enamel of the teeth so as to increase the lightening effect. For people with more discoloration, the light is passed for a longer period of time. This may vary from person to person. One of the major advantages of the laser tooth bleaching is that this procedure is completed in just one sitting.

However the disadvantage is that the laser tooth bleaching procedure is the most expensive of them all. Secondly, people around you would tend to notice the sudden change in your teeth color which may embarrass you. Is laser bleaching safe? Researches has proved that tray whitening/bleaching is the fastest, safest and most predictable way to whiten teeth by 2-5 shades within a period of few days.

The laser tooth bleaching is different from custom mouthpieces. The laser whitening gel which is applied on the teeth contains 35% Hydrogen peroxide. After that, a laser beam is focused on the teeth to expedite the chemical reaction. Most dentists pronounce that this works better than tray type whitening. However, laboratory research has been unable to prove this hypothesis.

The main drawback of the laser bleaching procedure is that teeth discoloration starts once you resume your normal intake of coke, tea and coffee. The results last for just one year and you will have to pay around $500 to get it re-done after that.

On the other hand, a custom mouthpiece is designed by a dentist for protection and comfort and has a soft upper layer to cushion and absorb. It has a lower layer to prevent grinding and bite through and can be worn a year later to remove the stains without any additional cost.

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