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Unearthing The Distress Caused By Oral Lichen Planus

The distress among patients suffering from the condition known as oral lichen planus is quite obvious and palpable. But what do we really know about the condition known as oral lichen planus? Let us try to find out more before we delve into the distressed part. This is where we will come to learn that it is a condition which manifests through formations on the skin that, at some level, resemble the organisms that are known as lichens. If you take note of their appearance, they are of a dark color, and touching them would reveal a hard texture. There is no part of the body which proves to be immune to these growths, and not even the oral zone of a patient is spared. We also come to learn, as alluded to earlier, that patients with lichen planus manifesting on the oral zone tend to be rather distressed. But why are patients particularly in agony when oral lichen planus affects them, particularly in the oral zone?

The fact that the oral zone is a particularly conspicuous place and lichen planus appearing on them is so obvious is the first source of distress for patients suffering this condition. Once a person develops lichen planus in his or her mouth, it is very hard to hide it (unless one opts to take a solemn and strictly observed vow of absolute silence for the duration of the illness). Other people are likely to notice it, and the problem is in the fact that they may assume that it is something worse than lichen planus: leading to some sort of the stigma for the people who happen to be afflicted with the condition.

The interference that oral lichen planus wreaks in one’s life has been a great source of distress for any patient who is suffering from the condition. There are times when people experience lichen planus to such an extent that they would find themselves having difficulty speaking. It becomes harder to simply just speak, and even eat and drink. Basically, anything involving the use of the mouth or tongue becomes a pain to do.

Adequate counseling and guidance become extremely important once a patient with distressing oral lichen planus starts to go about treating them. They would have to be counseled and made aware of the fact that managing their oral lichen planus condition is entirely feasible. While it is, first and foremost, an incurable condition, oral lichen planus can still be managed and controlled through the use of certain medication. It is the fear among patients that their lives will be completely torn apart when this turns into a chronic condition. These are the patients that need the guidance the most. They have to understand that they should never let oral lichen planus control their lives because it is a condition that would pass. Conventional medicine does not have any cure for this condition. However, physicians should inform their patients that they could turn to some alternative therapies that will provide the lasting results that they seek.

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