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Weight Loss Supplements: The Different Types And How They Work

It is well documented that the best way to lose weight is to embark upon a regime of healthy eating and exercise. Losing weight in this way is more sustainable in the long term and is the best option for your health. Many people choose to compliment this regime with weight loss supplements, which can help to boost the amount of weight you lose.

There is a wide range of weight loss supplements on the market at present. These range from teas, nutritional supplements and pills which aim to trigger weigh loss in different ways.

Typical teas that help encourage dieters to lose pounds include Green Tea and Black Tea; which studies have shown helps to boost metabolism and block fat absorption . Other teas may include a blend of different herbs such as Fennel, which is believed to be a mild appetite suppressant.

Nutritional supplements that help to support weight loss may include extracts of particular plants and herbs that are renowned for their nutritional benefits. Spirulina, for example, is a unique type of blue-green algae found in lakes and oceans, and is especially rich in amino acids, vitamins and plant enzymes which help aid digestion and guard against malnutrition .

Some weight loss supplements that have been recently launched work by inhibiting the fat absorbed by the body, and can only be taken by people over a certain BMI (Body Mass Index). Other supplements contain a seaweed extract which swells in the stomach and tricks the body into feeling full.

The NHS states that an interest in taking weight loss supplements indicates a commitment to losing weight, but however should only be taken as part of a healthy eating plan which incorporates exercise.

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