What Would You Give To Change Your Face?

With the unhealthy fascination of looking young, the world of cosmetic surgery has gone into serious overdrive over the past couple of years. The latest crazes come out and there are people who rush out to have whatever new techniques are currently advertised.

Whilst surgery may not always be the answer, some people are still adamant that it will change their lives forever, and many people are now opting to change their whole face, in order to become happy with their appearance.

Are you on of the people considering having any type of facial surgery done? Do you hate your nose so much that you wish you had a brand new one, one that does not bump in the middle? Are you worried that people are looking at your eye brows? Do you feel that your face looks too old and needs a bit of a facelift? All these factors come into the equation when thinking about cosmetic surgery.

Some people hate the way they look so much that they have so much surgery done that they end up looking nothing like themselves. Sometimes the obsession really can go too far. When you start messing around with facial features, things can really start to go wrong, even if you do not realize it.

For instance, if you have an eye brow lift it can generally end up looking quite good and fairly natural. However, if you then choose to go on and have botox, followed by collagen inserted into the lips, and other cosmetic facial surgery, it can start to make your face look seriously too tight and you can end up looking ridiculous rather than better.

What Facial Surgery Involves

So what is involved with some facial surgery then? Each procedure will obviously be different and each will have different results. Here are a few different types of facial surgery that can be performed:

Nose re-shaping.

Ear pinning.

Eyelid reduction.


Brow lift.

Chin implant.

Cheek implants.

These can be very painful procedures to undertake, and some are quite tricky procedures too. For example, if you have your nose reshaped, you will usually experience bruising and swelling around your eyes for a few weeks. The operation will be performed under a general anesthetic and you will usually need to stay in hospital overnight.

Another procedure that can be achieved through surgery is cheek implants. This will help to give the cheekbones more shape for people who feel that their cheekbones are too flat or out of proportion.

With this procedure, the surgery will be performed under a local or general anesthetic and you should be able to return home later the same day. The drawback to this operation however is if you need a bone graft, it will often leave a scar from where it has been removed from.

The price of cosmetic surgery can be a really extremely expensive thing to do. If you do decide to have any of this type surgery done, you should always take the time to find a reliable doctor or surgeon to undertake the procedure. By using an unknown surgeon, you could be losing more than a lot of money, so always be careful and do not risk your health by choosing a dodgy surgeon.

Overall there are so many different things that can go wrong with cosmetic surgery that you really should be one hundred percent certain before you agree to have it done. It is also essential that you are having the procedure done for you and you alone.

Also, be prepared for the possibility that the surgery may not change your life for the better. It is not uncommon for people to feel depressed straight after the surgery due to the pain and the bruising. So, as long as you know what to expect, you should be fully prepared.

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