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Winter Effect On Skin ? Natural Acne Treatment

The skin is made up of several layers of cells and thousands of oil glands. The oil that the glands produce keeps the skin from losing moisture and makes it supple and soft.

‘skin is losing moisture during winter months, so it’s extremely important to use moisture applied on the skin to prevent dry and crack on skin? Dr. Jan Hornets ? Dermatologist of Acne Stop Company.

Winter can play havoc with your skin. Therefore, using a good moisturizer on a daily basis is a must. When choosing a moisturizer price is a must, many people how have money chose an expensive moisturizer thinking that is the best one, important skin care companies choose to make their products cheaper because they have a good product and sales are going up (production cost will go down) this way they think that will get new and more sales.

So when choosing a moisturizer; start with one which is least expensive. But make sure to use one with a known brand name. A company which is specialized in manufacturing skin care moisturizers would be a wise choice.

Things you can do to prevent winter skin:

Take shorter showers from 10 and up to 15 minutes.

Use some bath oils in to your water if you must take a hot bath.

Add mild soaps, PH 0 based soaps it will be recommended. Try to avoid soaps,that dry the the skin.

If you use some cleanser or some acne treatment, be sure to use them immediately after the shower when the skin is still wet that way your skin will be less dry and you prevent it from cracking.

For your lips to prevent getting cracked, painful or dry lips;

The skin on the lips is extremely thin and that is why in that place the skin is really sensitive, lip-linking will not help at this stage because the bacteria from you saliva can make them even more dry and you could damage them more. Use a moisturizer for the lips, there are many that are unisex, preferably a moisturizer that contain vitamins and Aloe Vera.

For the whole body for those of you who use an acne treatment for your acne condition be sure to not use them if they are based on enzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and Retin-A. On winter time you can replace your current acne treatment with another one you can see them here (Natural acne treatment)

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