Yogi Spreads The Message of Spirituality Through The Philosophy of Meditation Mantra

In the modern world when we all are running after the materialistic comforts and worldly pleasures, when we are deviating from human value and morals often resulting into bad effects in our society. Today women are regarded as a commercial object and we enjoy her portrayed as a commercial object. Even our children are not safe and daily we hear news of abuse. Have we ever thought what will happen to our future generation, how they will face this world. Do we have the time to think of others since we are so much engrossed in thinking about ourselves? The simple to reason to all these is we are deviating from our morals; we turn a deaf ear to our conscious. We have no time for spiritualism or religious thoughts. Meditation Mantra is the concept where you start to re-think and reconcile on your deeds. This is a philosophy which was revisited by Maharishi Devswarup YOGI.

Maharishi YOGI saw a vision, the vision of spreading spiritualism among the masses but in a simplified manner. This was the inception of Meditation Mantra where spiritualism is taught through various simplified techniques of meditation. Here the disciples of YOGI spread the message of their master who says, “Lord is divine and you too have the capability to feel him in yourself, then why are you not trying to experience this feeling which will change your life once you realize that spiritualism is just a philosophy by which you express your love and respects to the Almighty God”. Maharishi Yogi in his discourse put emphasis on Meditation Mantra which are a set of selected verses of hymns taken from various Vedas.

Meditation through these mantra or hymns have started casting its spell on the youth who can be seen in large numbers visiting the Ashram on the foothills of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Maharishi Yogi has motivated many during his tours abroad to listen to these Meditation Mantras and practice meditation. There are nearly 400 Ashram across the world and millions of his disciples practice the philosophy taught by YOGI. “If you feel and want you can experience God, for that you don’t have to become a saint. Only true feelings and utmost devotion can take you close to God”, says Maharishi Yogi.

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